Collection Drives & Shipping

Setting up a drive is pretty easy. We can supply you with custom marketing materials, a banner to hang by your collection and even cover the shipping cost once the drive is completed. The marketing flyer can be easily emailed to potential donors and it explains the purpose for the drive and promotes the dates and drop-off locations. The custom flyer primarily encourages parents to clean out their closets and donate gear that's either been out-grown or no longer in use. 

Once all the gear is collected, you'll need volunteers to box the gear, weigh and measure each box, then send us the details. We will email you shipping labels to attach to each box and arrange to have it picked up by UPS.

We need gloves, baseballs, softballs, bats, catchers gear, belts and training gear. We are overstocked on uniforms and cleats right now. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Shipping instructions

Sometimes we have to get a little creative when boxing gear like 25 bats. Here are some helpful ideas: 

For multiple bats, take two 12 x 12 x 24 boxes and stand the bats upright in one box. Slide the second box over the top and tape the two boxes together.


Sending us the details for labels:

After boxing the gear, assign each box a number with a pen or marker. Next, measure each box's length, width and height in inches. Example: 24L x 24W x 18H. Place those measurements in a spreadsheet next to the assigned box number.

Example: Box 1  24L x 24W x 18H

Next we need you to weigh the box. A simple bath scale works if you don't have shipping scales. Simply weigh yourself then weigh yourself holding the box. Subtract your weight from the weight given with you holding the box. Here's what we need:

Example: Box 1  24L x 24W x 18H   27 lbs

Finally, be sure to send us the pick-up address, contact phone number for pick-up, and preferred pick-up date and we'll set things in motion. 

Email the shipping details to or complete the online form below.

Still have questions? Email us at or give us a call at 704-333-8445. 

Shipping Label Request Form

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