Turn Two for Youth is a non-profit charitable organization created by two baseball families on a mission to facilitate the enjoyment and expansion globally of youth baseball and softball. What started as a grass roots effort in North Carolina is quickly spreading to communities throughout the United States. 


About Turn Two for Youth

Turn Two for Youth is a charitable organization formed to collect baseball equipment and distribute it to active children who need a little help. It all started as a grassroots effort when two good friends and their families were vacationing in the Turk Islands and Caicos. Billy Owens and Eric Smith were visiting with a youth baseball coach there and saw that his players didn’t have the equipment they needed to play ball. They were sharing torn-up gloves and making due with makeshift equipment. This disheartened the two men and they decided to do something about it. Every kid should have their own glove.  

When Billy and Eric returned home, they organized a grassroots collection drive in their hometown of Charlotte, NC where baseball families supported the vision with great enthusiasm. Bats, gloves, uniforms, catcher’s equipment, batting tees and an assortment of other baseball necessities were collected at local leagues and schools. Most families were all too happy to clean out their closets. Once the gear was ready to go, Billy and Eric delivered on a promise they made to that coach and shipped a full seaboard container to the Turk Islands.  

That grassroots campaign became the model for a more formal non-profit organization. Turn Two for Youth now collects gear throughout the United States from teams, coaches, players and families, all who want to give back to the game they love. The equipment is cleaned, refurbished and then shipped to credible organizations for distribution. Turn Two for Youth has established a network of wonderful partners such as Major League Baseball, the American Baseball Coaches Association, Miracle League, various ministries and independent coaches. 

Turn Two for Youth is the official charity of the American Baseball Coaches Association and a proud supplier to Miracle League.